Welcome to Dallas and Frisco

I have a longstanding commitment to providing support to not only the hospital's mission statement, but also to the physicians and staff that make up this wonderful facility. As a former member of the public relations and special events team, and a longtime resident of Dallas, I also understand the unique challenges of relocating to the Dallas area for those in the medical professional field.

My goal is to ensure a smooth transition for you and your family and to allow you to focus on what's truly important... the patients at Scottish Rite for Children.

Up and Down the Tollway

For the most part, your daily hospital life will revolve around the North and South ends of the Dallas North Tollway, which is about 23 miles (or 25-30 minutes drive time) from one facility to the other.

There are several outstanding neighborhoods to consider along this route, which will be determined by your preference for schools, amenities, access and price point.

Featured Communities


  • Private Schools
  • Frisco ISD

Moving Checklist