Selling Your Home



The typical home buyer has changed in two key ways: they want move-in ready homes, and they are looking at multiple listings online before they ever set foot in yours. We give your home a competitive advantage with upfront guidance on updates, repairs, and staging.

Painting, landscaping, kitchen updates or simply decluttering will increase your chances of selling it quicker and at the best price. Want to do this preparation but are worried about the upfront cost? No problem. Compass Concierge is a program that will cover the costs of over 100 different home improvement services and will collect payment at closing. Interest free. No hidden fees.



The home buying audience is now online. In today’s crazy market and post-Covid world, many people are even buying homes site-unseen. If your home doesn’t look good online, its story simply won’t be heard. We optimize the look of your home in the digital world in order to maximize its traffic in the real world by using magazine-quality editorial photographers and award-winning television production professionals. This approach to imagery not only tells the story of your home in the digital landscape, but tells it well.



Once we get the story of your home ready to tell, we have to tell it to the widest audience possible in the shortest amount of time. We have many promotional tools in our toolbox, and we tailor the use of them to meet both the unique story of your listing and the target audience that best fits it. Our team constantly monitors feedback and develops promotional strategies based on market response. Whether it’s open houses, targeted agent emails, Facebook and Instagram campaigns, or unique special events, rest assured we are committed to doing everything we can to find the right buyer for your home.



Collaborate Without Ego is one of the eight principles that are central to the Compass culture, and is one of the things that make being part of the Compass family such a powerful asset to our clients. The best local agents (and their buyers) in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are literally down the hall, and we are part of a national network of 25,000+ agents.

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